Brands daylight lamps with a CRI of ≥ 90.


It would be very nice if all brands gave us the kelvin value and the CRI / RA value of their lamps. Unfortunately, this is not the case, there are only a few brands of daylight lamps that clearly indicate this and have a CRI ≥ 90 in the R1-R15 range:

* True-Light CRI 96 (98 for the led) with 5500 kelvin, with uva / uvb

* Viva-Lite CRI 96 with 5600 kelvin, with uva / uvb

* Philips Master Deluxe CRI 92 with 5300 kelvin, no uva / uvb.

We still have not received data from the brands that sell under the name of daylight lamps, such as Falcon Eyes, Daylight of Bressner. We invite these brands to send us the datasheets. For the time being, we assume that if the data is not available, we can not speak of a good daylight with the features we discussed. The brand Osram does have a daylight lamp, Lumilux, but this is the CRI of 80.


More information and prices  for Ireland:

More information and prices for the UK:

These  sites have videos of real daylightlamps and are definitely worth watching. This way you can instantly see what good daylight does in a living or working environment.


 Led quality is constantly improving. At this moment the best one is the 36 watt led panel of True-Light:

Panel 8436 (2).pngPanel 8436 (3).png



In the CCT  (colour correlated temperature) led or dynamic daylight lamps,  there is also a lot of difference in quality. You can change these lamps in light colour and brightness.

Of the lamps we have measured, the lamp with samsung LEDs in the link below was the best:


* CRI van 95 in both warm white colour and cold white colour in the R1-R15 range measured :

We have not been able to obtain data from the brands that sell under the heading of daylight lamps, such as: Falcon Eyes, Daylight, Bressner.
We hereby invite these brands once again to send us the data details. Because we do not have the test results of the producers, we have tested all the energy saving lamps ourselves with the Lighting passport pro essence light meter. This way we get a uniform result. All lamps were measured in the same test box and the measurement was done after 40- on-hours.

The test results:



28 Watt

CCT 5293 K
CRI(Ra) 88
CQS 87
TLCI(Qa) 74.1
GAI 95.5
Illuminance 7927 lux
Foot Candle 736.4 fc
λp 544 nm

falcon 28watt test




65 WATatt

CCT 5528 K
CRI(Ra) 88
CQS 86
TLCI(Qa) 72.8
GAI 101.0
Illuminance 11699 lux
Foot Candle 1086.9 fc
λp 544 nm

bresser 65watt test



24 Watt

CCT 5193 K
CRI(Ra) 89
CQS 88
TLCI(Qa) 74.8
GAI 95.3
Illuminance 5104 lux
Foot Candle 474.2 fc
λp 544 nm

 walimex 24watt test



11 Watt

CCT 5163 K
CRI(Ra) 93
CQS 93
TLCI(Qa) 96.7
GAI 87.0
Illuminance 2837 lux
Foot Candle 263.5 fc
λp 546 nm

vivalite 11watt test



20 Watt

CCT 6108 K
CRI(Ra) 88
CQS 86
TLCI(Qa) 74.5
GAI 96.8
Illuminance 5009 lux
Foot Candle 465.4 fc
λp 544 nm

daylight 20watt test



 clip image002 0006
23 Watt

CCT 5353 K
CRI(Ra) 93
CQS 92
TLCI(Qa) 85.3
GAI 88.9
Illuminance 8285 lux
Foot Candle 769.7 fc
λp 611 nm

truelight 23watt test